Jennifer Soults

I started taking photographs when I was very young. I would have a camera in my hand trying to capture every moment and every one in my life. I would follow my grandfather, an advid photographer, around trying to see what he saw through his lens.


Photography has always been apart of my life and the passion got worse when I had my first son. I captured everything! I didn't want to ever forget a single moment, even though I was a stay-at-home mom. Then my second son came and trying to keep up with them while they grew was fun and exhausting, but my camera was never far away from me. The youngest son was born in 2005 and the camera was an automatic appendage to capture their youth.


I wanted to capture my kids, but I wanted to share those precious captured moments with everyone. So in 2007, I started Happily Ever After Photography. Like any good business, I started small and have since have expanded my "Happily Ever After" family. I am so thankful so many families trust me to capture the moments I hold so very dear to me.



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